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Prevent the rat-run from Town St to Broadway

Widen footpath on The Green just below the bus stop and enable this by removing parking bays on north side of The Green outside the museum

Traffic filter here to prevent rat-running

Widen pavement on west side and enable this through removal of parking bays on east side of Town Street

Widen pavement and enable this through removal of on-street parking bays on eastern side of Town Street

New steps at Skelton Grange road bridge demonstrate just how inaccessible they are for so many users. @HarworthGroup putting profit before people. Profits of 94M in 2021 . New dedicated walking & cycling bridge needed here. … [more]

Vast and wide busy road, with school children trying to get to Lawnswood. 40mph traffic and vehicles often close pass. Plenty of space for a segregated bike lane, especially the south side where there is a wide verge.

There are two lanes for traffic but no cycle way and this is a key route between suburbs and to access Moor Allerton shopping area. Speed of traffic should at least be reduced to 40mph to match the rest of the ring road, especially as there … [more]

Cycle path ends at Lawnswood cemetery and is too narrow. Need to extend at least to Bramhope.

Rat running traffic from A65 at peak times. Install modal filters to prevent through routes

Convoluted crossing infrastructure prioritises motor vehicle movement over people walking and cycling

No pedestrian crossing to allow access to/from Leeds Liverpool Canal

Dangerous corner with very limited visibility for people on bikes turning off road towards Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath. Bi-directional cycle way needed on west side of Calverley Lane to allow safe turns.

Crossing needed here to allow access to bus stop on east side of Ring Road (speed limit is 60mph)

Modal filter on Manor Road to prevent rat running

Excess unused on-road parking down both sides of this 20mph street encourages speeding and dangerous driving. Replacing parking with cycle lane would provide a LS1-LS3-LS6 cycle route and discourage dangerous driving by taking space away … [more]

Tweet about lots of motor vehicles parked on a very poorly marked cycleway (it looks like road side parking) - but the tweeter damages their own argument by cycling on the footway while recording the video and coming very close to … [more]

A-frame barrier. There's a similar barrier opposite.

A-frame barrier at entrance to Linesway.

New barrier. Not sure why they have put this access barrier here.

Narrow overgrown cycle path. It's usable but not ideal.

Narrow path. Safer than on road perhaps? The path needs widening.

No bridge over ELOR for Elmet Green Way, and no direct path onto Wood Lane bridge (you have to walk past it and turn back)

No Southbound cycle lane uphill to Skyliner RA. Room for a two-way track from Crossgates Rail stn > medical centre > JC Latter day St POW > Skyliner

CS2 ends here. Barwick Road Roundabout should have Toucan crossings on all arms and a new shared path NNE from RA to Southwood Cr (pave informal path)

Pavement to narrow on Austhorpe Road (High Street and core bus lines) middle between Beulah Ter and Bk Marshall St. should be a bus lane to stop throw traffic.

Wants a traffic choker here (like Woodmere Avenue, Watford) with 2 very narrow traffic lanes and a bus lane in mid

Awkward steps / ramp and barrier.

Signage as part of Leeds Core Cycle Network. Pointing in the wrong direction.

Narrow shared space path ends at a random spot.

Vans and camper vans are always parked obscuring this popular pedestrian and cycle crossing. Needs a build out and narrowing of the carriageway at least to enable visibility past the vans with a raised table.

The lonely cycle loop on the left. At present this one loop is the only cycle parking facility in the area, there aren't any outside North Star Coffee or Yoga Hero. More cycle parking needed in visible areas.

Access controls installed summer 2020, possibly to deter the local motorbiker which uses the cut through. The motorbiker is now observed going up the bank at the side.

Because of the angle of Outwood Lane, often cars push out onto the mainroad to get a better view for pulling out, however this then encroaches on the cycling lane and create a possible collision. Also there is severe damage on the tarmac … [more]

Two lanes of queuing traffic and/or one lane of parked cars and one lane of queuing traffic. Road is just wide enough for two cars so bicycles cannot pass or filter easily without crossing into oncoming traffic. This discourages active … [more]

A-frame restriction on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath.

A-frame restriction on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath.

Vandalised map of the Kirkstall Abbey area of the Aire Valley Towpath [Editor: We understand this sign has since been removed by Canal River Trust.]

The new Riverside Way Bridge is being obstructed by greenery.

Non-existent link from the canal towpath and the new Riverside Way Bridge to Whitehall Road.

Weird and dangerous to have such a short section of on-road cycleway - either protect it properly, have some shared-use, or buy a few metres of land to the left.

Cycle Superhighway 2, Leeds, with annoying End of Cycle Route sign.

There are quite a few of these signs to try to keep cars off Leeds Cycle Superhighway 2 - they don't always work.

No signage - the underpass is probably the better route towards central Leeds.

This route through the fence is definitely not the way to/from central Leeds. Signage needed.

Signage is needed here at the Leeds Ring Road

Create pavement and cycle lane all along Newton Lane.

Widen pavement to allow cycling.

Improve surface with decent tarmac

Widen pavement and reduce vehicle speed

Widen pavement and reduce vehicle speed

Wide road used by boy racers and quad bikes - pavements too narrow for social distancing and no safe cycle lanes. Make road narrow and give space to cyclists and pedestrians please!

Widen path to double existing, remove car storage, provide cycle lanes and, most importantly, reduce speed limit to 20 mph.

Road is fast and busy with no cycle path. Some blind corners. Meant to be a 40 but is national from the roundabout and a cycle path would make it safer. Needs improvement to make wakefield to Leeds commuting possible

Noise and air pollution together with the high speed that vehicles travel make this ‘High Street’, at best, very unpleasant for the residents and pedestrians who shop along the length of the road. Simple and cost effective widening of the … [more]

Place lights or a zebra crossing on this junction so that pedestrians aren't forced to dodge between cars when crossing to and from Manor Garth Park.

Lights added to roundabout which is almost impossible for cyclist to manage during rush hour.

One of the arterial routes in and out of the centre could really do with a segregated cycle lane to prevent close passes from speeding motorists. Roads already wide enough, just needs some white lines painting on it.

Too narrow for lots of people walking to/from Rounday Park along Wetherby Road

Need a better cycle route into Leeds from the south of the city

E Chevin Rd is quite wide at the bottom but doesn't have any cycling provision. Cars also routinely ignore the 30mph limit, which should be extended beyond the entrances to the parking for Chevin Forest Park. The national speed limit is … [more]

There is an existing section of the A660 which has a white line about a metre from the kerb. This runs from the far end of the Burley by-pass roundabout all the way round the Otley by-pass it has a couple of breaks but it is also full of … [more]

Drop the pavement to create an entrance or exit off the A660

Alwoodley Lane - an accident waiting to happen, parked cars everywhere and ridiculous road markings ...cycle path needed ...can then link to outer ring road path eventually

Cycle path needed between Otley and Pool

The road is very narrow and there is no real pavement, just a verge so when walking you either walk in mud or on the road with traffic behind you. It is not possible at all to walk on the other side. A proper pavement needs installing and … [more]

Bradford road is very very wide and both the street and pavements are full of clutter, remove the clutter and fit cycle paths to both sides.

Make this one way for cars and two ways for bicycles

Access to Wetherby Railway path is shocking, narrow pavement and poorly signed. Cycle lane and signs to properly connect bike route to Thorp Arch access on Freemans Way also needed

Traffic calming and road layout needed around the mini roundabout. Far too many car drivers take massive risks here. Parking on approach from North needs to be removed to reduce risk, speed bumps need installing on all approaches.

This road has a central reservation but i'm not sure what it does. Road is 20mph but if you cycle down at 20ish the the cars are itching to get by. many cars parked at side of road so you need to pull in to middle so as not to get doored. … [more]

Remove the central hatching, insert cycle lanes are take the speed limit down.

King Lane popular route for cyclists getting out of north leeds. it's quite a narrow road and cars go too fast. signs reminding motorists of presence of cyclists would be an improvement or (dream on) road widening.

Busy district centre with too much priority for cars. Close the road that turns left on to Harrogate road.

Not more than 5-6 ft pavement width, worse when bins out. Also very busy on pavements and near bus stop when Priesthorpe pupils leave school.

No space for pedestrians to distance on Albion Street - urgently needs closed to cars

The sidewalk is extremely narrow here, there is no way to keep a safe distance from other pedestrians

There is a shared path here and a one way road. This means that while it is possible to cycle up the hill on the road, it is impossible to do so the other way. Would it be possible to widen this path in some way?

No direct access from the canal to the city centre using cycleway.

Cyclist have priority here, but rarely observed by other road users. Needs to be made more obvious who has right of way here

Whole of West Park area could become a safe walking and cycling community by restricting motor access/eliminating minor through routes. West Park linked to Leeds via existing CC-WP Core Route.

Building site has narrowed the path, its meant to be a cycleway but you have to hop a kerb to go on the pavement which is no wider than 1m in places.

Too little width on road to cycle without feeling unsafe on busy main road. Apples from Lawnswood to Otley.

A very narrow dangerous road for both cycling and walking. Traffic speeds. Children walking to 6 schools and a scout & guide hall. Why not make it one way with Westwood Way, increase width of pavement and add a cycle lane.

Cycleway needed from Fforde Green to Barrack Road, inbound. Heavy cycle use (and far more use if it felt safe) but downhill (speeding cars and vans), narrow carriageway (the way it is set out on the wide road), and parked cars. Mostly used … [more]

I suspect many more people would commute between Harrogate and Leeds if the A61 was more cycle friendly.

People heading to Roundhay Park park their cars along this stretch, half on the pavement which makes it impossible for pushchairs and wheelchairs to safely use the pavement - there is no pavement on the other side of the road.

Very busy street with narrow pavements where many pedestrians think it's still in the pedestrian zone - unbelievably it's still a 30mph zone. Make it one way with a 5mph limit.


Better cycle lane on bridge esp out of town (could merge right hand lane to make space)

Access to cycle route but narrow dangerous road

The route from Headingley via Beckett Park is excellent but it ends at Station Parade and you have to mix with the traffic on Morris Lane and Kirkstall Hill. Could a route via Kirkstall health centre and leisure centre be devised to make it … [more]

Cycle path just ends for this junction. Should be continued across the junction like other side roads.

Hardly and designated cycle lanes between Castleford/Pontefract & Leeds

All of !meanwood Road should have SAFE separate cycle way.

The centre of Meanwood could be massively improved by some serious traffic calming and redesign, to turn it from a set of awkward road junctions into a space for people. Remove the pedestrian railings, add some trees and flower planters, … [more]

Heading out of town towards Burley Road, this junction is the most dangerous part of what would otherwise be a great cycle route. On-road cycle lane needed.

To make it easier for cyclist to go round this roundabout, as separate and widened cycle/walking lane would be great

The volume of parked cars at school drop off time create a bottleneck.

Build a cycle route in Park

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